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What is a flexible funnel?

Flexible funnels will track visitors that hit each step, even if a different event takes place between each step. Les look at an example.

If a funnel has been setup with 3 steps, each for the “visited page” event with the following steps:

  • example.com
  • example.com/about-us
  • example.com/pricing

The following journey will be included if the funnel is setup as a flexible funnel:

  • example.com
  • example.com/blog
  • example.com/about-us
  • example.com/pricing

You’ll see that the visitor in this example went to the blog page between the landing page and the “about us” page. Because of this, the user would be counted in a flexible funnel, but not if the funnel is flexible.

Traditional or flexible funnels

Traditional funnels will ignore users that detract at any stage of the funnel, even if they drop back in at a later step in their journey. Both funnels provide valuable insights, and their is no “better” choice. Simply choose the funnel type that best meets your needs.

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