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How to create a new funnel

Funnels allow you to track your visitors along specific journey points that you define. This is great for finding out how many of your customers are following the path you want to follow. Once a funnel is created, it will automatically include any historical data stored for your project on Upify.

Follow the steps below to create a funnel:

  • Go to the funnels page in your project area.
  • Press the “New Funnel” button start creating a funnel.

Mix & match event types

When creating a funnel, you can define exactly what to track on each step. Funnels can track only the links a user visits, buttons clicks, custom events or a combination of all of these.

  • When adding a new step, give the step and name.
  • Choose the type of event you want to track and add a matching value.
  • Press “Add funnel” to create your funnel.

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